General Information

General Information

Airport Transportation:

The Cancun Airport is close by only 7.5 Miles from downtown Cancun and 12.5 miles from the Hotel Zone.

Taxis are available at the airport in Cancun, but they are regulated by the concession in order to guarantee safety and eliminate scams. Reserving a taxi at the airport is the most expensive rate (around $60). Since there are no other taxis or cars available at the Cancun airport, if you are arriving in Cancun without transportation you must pay this fee.
It is a good idea to book your airport transportation ahead of time. You can arrange to have a limo pick you up or have an airport approved company supply your Cancun transportation. A lot of websites like Travelocity allow you to include transportation from the airport when booking your Cancun trip. This guarantees that you are booking with an agency that is pre-approved and much cheaper (plus you will get extra amenities like a sign with your name!)

If you are planning on renting a car in Cancun, make sure that you booked your rental ahead of time. You will see the booths for the car rentals at the airport.

Public Transport:
• Taxis are usually a reliable source of Cancun transportation, just make sure to agree on the price before getting in the taxi. A good tip is to ask your hotel for the u
sual rate to the location you want to go to. Over 3,000 taxis operate in Cancun so finding one should not be an issue and your hotel can usually help. • Also, another great form of transportation in Cancun is the buses. A bus ride in Cancun usually costs less than a dollar. Buses run from the hotel zone to Cancun City from 6am to Midnight and typically run about 5 minutes apart.
• If you are looking to explore more of the area or take a side trip from Cancun, renting a car might be a good option. While there are a lot of tours and attractions that include transportation, there are some less visited Mayan Ruins and eco-sites that would be best reached by car.
• If you are looking to visit Isla Mujeres, ferries leave from Puerto Juarez every half hour or you can take a boat from Cancun.
• There are plenty of places to rent bicycles and motorcycles as well.

There is very little crime in Cancun. The tourist police here are friendly and very helpful. Use your common sense, and be careful. Leave your fancy jewelry at home! After dark, stay on the main streets; do not wander on the beaches late at night. Never flash large amounts of money.

México uses the same voltage (110 Volts) as the United States. If you are coming from Europe, or any country that uses 220 volts, you will need the proper adapters.

Currencies and exchange rates:
In Mexico any tourist can obtain Mexican pesos in the following places:
➢ Exchange Houses: you will usually find a currency exchange office at international airports throughout Mexico; You can identify them by the "change" announcement. You will need to present your passport to exchange the money. The exchange rate is usually shown as buy or buy, which indicates how many pesos you should receive for each dollar.
➢ Banks: not all banks provide the service of exchanges of pesos and dollars, some require you to have an account with them. Check in your hotel, so that you are told which is the nearest bank that serves tourists to make exchanges. Here you will also need a valid passport to make the exchange.
➢ ATM: One of the most comfortable ways to buy pesos is to use an ATM. You will often receive better exchange rates, although you will have to pay a commission for the service, as with most ATMs outside your banking network. Please do not accept help from people outside the bank.
➢ Credit Card: If you have a credit card, you will realize that this provides one of the best exchange rates. Although you will not receive pesos directly, your monthly balance will reflect the exchange rate you received when shopping with your credit card.

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