Flow cytometry practical workshops

Flow cytometry practical workshops (Simultaneous)

Note: To apply for any flow cytometry practical workshop, assistants must be registered to the “I Iberoamerican Flow Cytometry Meeting”. The number of slots at any workshop is limited, then, attendance will be under a first come first serve basis.

I. Becton Dickinson Biociencias: Estandarización de paneles de 8 colores en Onco-hematología
Enfermedad Mínima Residual (EMR)
Professors: Dr. Alberto Orfao, Julia Almeida y Daniela Lens
Download the program here

II. Merck Millipore: "Flow Imaging: CAR-T cells, FISH Flow, CRISPR Flow”
Professors: Claudia Emanuele, Brian Hall y Andres Saralegui
Download the program here

III. Beckman-Coulter: Nanoparticles, EVS & Exosomes analysis by Flow
Professors: Dr. Alfonso Blanco y Dr. Alvaro Luiz Bertho

IV. ThermoFisher: PrimeFlow® RNA Assay
Professors: ThermoFisher & LabNalcit Staff
Download the program here